Violet, the color of transformation is associated to the crown-chakra which represent the door to cosmic consciousness and to the “higher-self”. The epiphysis is the organ associated to this chakra. Violet can help to ease all burdensome evil, beared on a hormonal base. This gland governs everything what is related to the hormons. Combined with yellow, this color should be integrated in everys kid room. Why don’t you have a look to violet flowers; most of them have yellow inner petals. Mother Earth knows what she is doing.


The color violet might help to detach from old entanglements and peregrinate -step by step- into a healthier new future. This color helps to dissolve any kind of negative energy and to transform it. Shadow turns to light! Violet calms unrestful thoughts and troubles who hamper having a quiet sleep.

Violet acts calsming on the central nervous system and might therefore be very helpful in case of hyperactivity, nervous deseases and irritations of all kind.


On an energetic level, this color might be helpful in the following situation:

* in case of sleep disturbances
* supporting in case of cancer
* to recollect oneself on himself again
* to facilitate all kind of changes
* if sense and meaning of life are hidden
* if I have the impression having lost my identity
* to better concentrate on all kind of tasks
* if I feel desperate and left alone
* for cleansing / purification (spiritual level)
* in case of depressions / addiction tendencies (alcohol/drugs)