Red symbolizes danger, red symbolizes prudence: be it on traffic lights, road signs, taillights, toxic chemicals, poisonous mushrooms, venomous animals.
Red clearly signals: … caution! … attention!

In the human body the color red is assigned to the region of the feet up to the coccyx and the base chakra. This color acts, viewed energetically, in this area. Red might be very helpful for ungrounded persons and activates the circulation in the legs.


Red activates, red stimulates. Red as the fire, red as the blood.

Red = energy. It might be interesting that -in the context with tachyons- the color red is described as “fast color”, although in physics, red represent the color with the slowest oscillation. Red is the color of force, vitality and health, energy and excitation. It might help in case of constipation, frigidity and impotence. Maybe this is the reason why the “Moulin Rouge” in Paris is entirely painted in red :)


On an energetic level, this color might be helpful in the following situation:

* for inner and outer stability
* in case of chronic signs of fatigue
* if one will not face up to the facts
* in case of lethargy and lack of motion
* by inner attitude, being a eternal jinx
* if suffering from acute signs of fatigue
* deprivation of love for the proper body
* for grounding yourself (after meditating)
* in case of deeply-rooted sensation of insecurity
* if suffering from anger / rage, basing on a deception