Orange symbolized enjoyment of life, releasing, digestion and is assigned in the human body to the sacral chakra. In this region the small bowel, the colon, the kidneys and the lower back is to be located. Orange is the compound color of red (spirital grounding) and yellow (beam of wisdom). For what reason buddhistic monks are dressed in this color? The equilibrium bottle no. 26 of Aura-Soma consists two times of orange and is one of the most-sold healing bottle.


For a good digestion we are in need of this color. Not only it is much more easier to digest physical food, but also nasty situation or people who jar on the nerves.

Orange procures enjoyment of life. Orange procures light. Orange brightens up. Orange reinforces gently but certainly. Orange might help to increase the own phiscal performance. Therapeutic treatments with this color might help to harmonize actual and past shocking experiences.


On an energetic level, this color might be helpful in the following situation:

* if I am no more able to relax
* if suffering from sexual troubles
* to connect with my own gut feelings
* if I am completely thrown into turmoil
* to trigger changements and progresses
* to perceive the feelings of bliss and felicity
* in case of troubles in the urogenital/digestive region
* if it seems to be hard to let loose work and obligation
* in case of changes of the hormonal balance, such as
puberty or menopause