The colour "lilac" gently wakens hidden potential. Often this colour finds application with individuals who do not yet know exactly which way to go, but have a little inkling of the direction. Also "lilac" is considered a colour with spring-like qualities, as it assists the bringing out of inside possibilities.

It personifies the creative expression of love and beauty and unite Heaven and Earth during our dream state, and reveal the unconscious to our conscious mind for interpretation.The colour "lilac" represent the grounding of the Divine Blueprint, and make it a living reality.

It reminds us that wealth, right action and right livelihood only exist so that spirit may express through them. This vibration embodies a total acceptance of the material world, however it assists with forgoing attachments to it. In this state of Trust and Love, we will be led on a path of self-integrity that delivers us to our life purpose. Forging Attachments does not mean renouncing anything, it means honouring physicality but not suffering through lack or over zealous attachment.

This colour combines the Mother/Father Principle) and represents an aid to lucid and effective dream recall and interpretation and dreamwork. This can prove very helpful in overcoming old behavioral patterns. The energy of this colour urges us to become acquainted with the relationship of ancient peoples of the earth so we may learn how to sense what the earth needs as a whole or what the micro environment we personally dwell in might require.

"Lilac" personifies the creative expression of love and beauty and reveals the unconscious to our conscious mind for interpretation.