That nature has given us the gift to be able to perceive colours by the eyes certainly boils down to manifold reasons. The radiant red of a rose, the soft blue of a clear sky, the cuddly white of some clouds above, the luscious green of ample meadows, the lovely yellow of sunflowers, the charming violet of a pansy, the mystic glow of gold, and, and, and.

Light and colour are indispensable and are intimately related. Without light there would be no colour. Rays of light making contact with matter are reflected by it, partly absorbed but also distributed. Depending on the wavelength, the reflected waves appear to the human eye, or rather the human brain, as a specific colour, whereby each colour is determined by the length of its wave.


Like any other energy, colours can be described in terms of vibrational frequency, wave length and amplitude. Light is part of our most important natural resource and its meaning for us is certainly very important. By appreciating colour in nature we may extract reviving and harmonizing energies. If used appropriately, colours can act as the living forces and source of strength they truly are.