Indigoblue is simply THE healing color number one and should be in each medecine chest. Be it by buying a lapislazuli or an indigoblue tachyon stone or what ever having the shape of this color: indigoblue is the helper for many situations. Indigoblue is associated to the front, the so called „third eye“ and to the pituitary gland. Indigoblue owns the capacity to waken the intuition and to reinforce it.

Know in medecine matters to bring calm and peace. Indigo heals.


Indigoblue calms the fire, any type of inflammations, headaches, nerfs, hypertension, the spirit: it seams that this color heals everything. Do not forget, it is the favorite color of most men. Logically, as most of the “males” overheat their head, only “think” with their head. That’s why the quite often suffer in this region and seem to have a great backlog demand on energy. Indigo „kidnapps“ you in other dimensions. Indigo allows you to „leave“ earth. Thanks to indigo you can „fly“ without worring loosing time at the check-in.


On an energetic level, this color might be helpful in the following situation:

* for sensitive kids
* during pregnancy and giving birth
* to protect myself during a meditation
* reinforces the willpower in order to realize my plans
* to promote clair-voyance and clair-audiance
* if I’m overactive and if I miss inner peace
* if there is a lack of protection and security
* in case of troubles with the nose, ears or eyes
* in order not to get lost in the spiritual dimensions
* in case of depressions (due to oppressed spirituality)