emerald green

Emerald green is the color which represent the middle of the human body. This color therefore suites perfectly to balance the whole body and all organs. This color offers space and width and is associated to the heart-chakra and the lungs as well. It’s one of the main colors of Mother Earth. All plants, which are so important for us, offers oxygene. We might therefore never be tired of this color. Emerald green helps to promote any healing processus and is therefore a very effective color to use inside hospitals & clinics.


Emerald green -indulge yourself daily for some minutes in visualizing beeing surrounded by green leafs, trees and plants. Wheter you are lying in the meadow contemplating the flowers, or if you imagine standing in a forest, watching at all the trees and inhaling their scents. Let this color hijack your soul once in a while and choose some plants for your home and office space, too. Be sure to choose plants with roundish leaves; roundish shapes are harmonic and procure the feeling beeing at home.


On an energetic level, this color might be helpful in the following situation:

* in case of fear, expressing my love
* to let loose the past / for a new start
* if I am carrying a lot of grief and anger
* if it is hard to forgive myself and others
* if I am not able to ask for help / support
* if I have the impression of being stocked
* in case of heart troubles / infections of the respiratory organs

It is scientifically proven that the frequency of this color is able to grant great services in case of cancer and liability to infections diseases.