Aquamarine is the color of communication. In order to feel comfortable, we all need the interaction with other persons and living creatures. This color is associated to the throat-chakra, the shoulders and the throat. This chakra, as well as the solarplexus-chakra, has to do with hidden fears and shocks.

Persons suffering from a weak self-confidence “feel” and energy leak in this regions and do not feel comfortable expressing themselves in front of others.


Blockades in the region of the throat are often related to traumas and shocking experiences that tooked place in childhood: accidents, violation, abuse, stressing birth and neardeath by drowning are often the cause and can evoke symptoms as acne, eczemas, all kind of allergies and whiplash. Aquamarine helps to extend the own horizon and enables the access to our own feelings and emotions. Aquamarine is the perfect color in case of exam anxiety, stagefright, shyness, stammer and anxieties from strangers.


On an energetic level, this color might be helpful in the following situation:

* if I avoid staying in the limelight
* strengthens the self-confidence
* after repeated respiratory diseases
* to overcome shyness and stagefright
* promotes creative thinking processes
* if I use crystals and cooperate with devas
* promotes the access to my artistic potentials
* in case of tendency holding back deep emotions
* in case of immunodeficiency and …* in case of risk of infection vulnerability